Baby Series #6

TGIF guys! Hope you had fun reading the Baby series #5 post.

    Today's layout is all about Mommy & Daddy! Moms & dads have their own little tiffs claiming that the baby has taken after them. This is just a proof for the baby to see for itself, whom he/she has taken after.

The set of questions are identical for both mom and dad. So no fighting over that! The left page says Mommy its you & me and the right says Daddy its you & me.

   I am not going to crowd this post by writing each question here. Just a few should give you the idea.

The three circles open up and have spaces for journaling and pictures inside. so this layout can hold from 6-12 pictures. You can even stick baby pictures of the parents and the baby showing resemblance.

I have added a little sticker on top of each page saying "So Cute" for mommy and "So Cool" for the daddy page. Below each page, I have added borders of little baby elephants holding on to each other and on the other side its a row of hearts.

Stay tuned for the next series post to see more pages from the book. 

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